Black sturgeon caviar

Black caviar Amur Royal 50 g

50 g
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50 g
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Shelf life: refrigerated, up to 3-6 months at temperatures 0° to + 6°C
After opening, store in a cool place and consume within 2-3 days
Black sturgeon caviar
Black sturgeon caviar
Black sturgeon caviar is not the one extracted in the wild through a legal pathway at present. The fishing ban was imposed by the UN Convention on the Protection of the World's Water Resources and Endangered Species of Fish back in the late 20th century. It was renewed in 2007 and supported by the five states surrounding the Caspian Sea, the world's largest sturgeon habitat. Over 140 sturgeon fisheries (aquaculture) have been initiated in France, Germany, Italy, the United States, Canada, China, Uruguay, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and other countries aimed at extracting black sturgeon caviar from sturgeon species in the wake of the sturgeon ban.

The major suppliers of black sturgeon caviar for Lemberg Kaviar are the best fisheries in Europe and Asia, the top producers of black sturgeon caviar from aquaculture worldwide. These fisheries and the Lemberg Caviar House supply their caviar to the German airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG, as well as to the top Parisian seafood restaurants. The 'Amur Royal' is the best-selling, most sought-after variety of Lemberg Kaviar black sturgeon caviar, and one that is truly valued by connoisseurs and devotees alike.

'Amur Royal' is the caviar of a natural hybrid of the Amur sturgeon and the Kaluga, a freshwater fish of the beluga genus of the sturgeon family (lat. Acipenser schrenckii x Huso dauricus). This species of sturgeon has evolved in the natural environment by interbreeding two species of sturgeon in the wild in the lower reaches of the Amur River.

The 'Amur Royal' sturgeon caviar is coarse-grained with the most delicate shell and a rich, balanced taste. The eggs reach a diameter of three to four millimetres and are of the same size as beluga caviar.

Sturgeon caviar is a natural product, so the shades of dark colour may vary between types of sturgeon caviar.
The large-grained and soft skinned sturgeon caviar Amur Royal has a full-bodied and well-balanced taste that enthuses gourmets worldwide. Covered in a beautiful dark gloss, every egg has an impressive diameter of three to four milimeters.

Osietra roe (Acipenser schrenkii x Huso dauricus), salt, E285

Nutrition facts per 100g
Energy 1184 kJ / 283 kcal
Fat 19,1 g
Saturated fatty acids 5,1 g
Carbohydrate 1 g
Sugar 0 g
Protein 27,6 g
Salt 3,5 g
Fish Yes
Wheat flour (gluten) No
Crustaceans No
Eggs No
Peanuts No
Soya No
Milk No
Nuts No
Celery No
Mustard No
Sesame seeds No
Sulphur dioxide and sulphites No
Lupine No
Molluscs No

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